Mod of contact

1.       Highly Recommended

a.       Scheduled online meeting           Recorded

b.      E-Mail

c.       WhatsApp (voice note, text, picture or video)

2.       OK but Not Recommended

a.       Phone Call (GSM, Landline or on the internet like WhatsApp). The call will be recorded for archiving.

3.       On-site meetings request will not be entertained.



1.       Registration

a.       All subscribers will be treated as registered clients.

b.      A unique registration number will be allotted to every client. This registration number will be used (mandatory) for all correspondence, communications, and transactions.

2.       Job

a.       All work regarding clients is called a job. Every job will be identified, with a unique job number, for every client.

b.      Revision of work will be treated as a new job.

c.       Every job will be done on an hourly basis called work hours.

d.      In case of consuming less than an hour, a slice hour will be calculated. A slice hour will be calculated as 10 minutes or less than 10 minutes. For example:

                                                               i.      Work for 30 minutes will be calculated as 3 slice hours.

                                                             ii.      Work for 29 minutes will be calculated as 3 slice hours.

                                                            iii.      Work for 31 minutes will be calculated as 4 slice hours.

                                                           iv.      Work for 65 minutes will be calculated as 1 work hour and 1 slice hour.

3.       Billing

a.       A proforma invoice will be generated after the assessment of the client’s job.

b.      The client will deposit at least the same amount as mentioned in their respective proforma invoice.

c.       The client can deposit any amount to us, as an advance payment. This is called the client’s pop-up balance.

d.      In case when the client’s pop-up balance is in a positive figure:

                                                               i.      We will deduct the all amount of the client’s pop-up balance. If it will be the same as the proforma invoice.

                                                             ii.      At the time of order, if the client’s pop-up balance more than the amount of proforma invoice. We will only deduct the same amount which is mentioned in the proforma invoice.

                                                            iii.      At the time of order, if the client’s pop-up balance is less than the amount of the proforma invoice, then we will deduct all amount and ask for the remaining amount.

e.      We have 3 ways of billing to calculate work hour

                                                               i.      We can work on a queue basis  X 1 (at an offered hourly rate) Recommended.

                                                             ii.      We can work on a priority basis  X 2 (two times higher at an offered hourly rate).

                                                            iii.      We can work on an urgent basis  X 3 (three times higher at an offered hourly rate).

f.        The job will start, once confirmed payment is received.

g.       All payments should be received in our company bank account only.

4.       Refund

a.       The pop-up amount is 100% refundable. It will be transferred to the client in their registered bank account at their request.

b.      30 days money-back guarantee (within 30 days after job order) will applicable when:

                                                               i.      When job results failed to meet the client’s requirements.

                                                             ii.      When the job did not completed in committed time (Delivery Date).

                                                            iii.      When the client canceled the job order, within the 3 hours after confirmation of their job order and work, still not started on that job.

                                                           iv.      When the client canceled the job order and withdrew their subscription as our client. In that case:

1.       You need to tell us (mandatory) the reason for withdrawing the subscription of clientele.

2.       We will appreciate it if you suggest to us (optional) any idea for our product and service improvement.

5.       Declaration

a.       AbnSoft will not provide source code to any client. We store it in our repository.

b.      AbnSoft is the legal proprietor of developed software, content, research, and training material. We share it for free with our valued clients only to use it. We are not selling all that stuff at all.

c.       AbnSoft is committed to providing executable software to our valued clients. With a free-of-cost License to use it only. We are charging fees only, for necessary optimization to our valued clients. When needed.

d.      We do not provide, sell, distribute, or install Microsoft products and their licensing (Like, MS Windows, MS Office, etc.).

6.       Dispute

a.       AbnSoft has the absolute right to make a decision as to the final authority, in case of any dispute, which will not be challenged at any forum.